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Previous version downloads

The downloads on this page are for older versions of our products. Only download these files if you need an older version, or if you do not have a license for the current version.

You can download the current version of Password Policy Enforcer, ANIXIS Password Reset, PPE/Web, and Unused Account Ferret from their respective download page.

ANIXIS Password Reset

ANIXIS Password Reset V2.62 update (275 KB)
ANIXIS Password Reset V2.61 (12.0 MB)
ANIXIS Password Reset V2.10 (10.5 MB)
ANIXIS Password Reset V1.25 (3.7 MB)
ANIXIS Password Reset V1.25 Upgrade (240 KB)
ANIXIS Password Reset V1.26 Upgrade (204 KB)

Password Policy Enforcer

Password Policy Enforcer V7.60 (11.3 MB)
Password Policy Enforcer V6.10 (7.9 MB)
Password Policy Enforcer V5.11 (7.8 MB)
Password Policy Enforcer V4.50 (6.5 MB)
Password Policy Enforcer V3.60 (3.9 MB)
Password Policy Enforcer V2.40 (1.2 MB)
Password Policy Client V2.43 update (52 KB)


PPE/Web V6.00 (2.55 MB)
PPE/Web V6.01 Upgrade (255 KB)
PPE/Web V3.50 (172 KB)
PPE/Web V3.51 Upgrade (46 KB)
PPE/Web V1.00 (115 KB)

Unused Account Ferret

Unused Account Ferret V1.00 (998 KB)