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ANIXIS delivers a winning combination of reliable products backed up with great customer service. All the customer quotes on this page are unsolicited and maintain the original author's capitalization and punctuation.

I am very impressed and positively surprised by your level of responsiveness and support!Andreas Horvath (XL Insurance) PPE is working great for our application. It was very easy to implement into our environment and has been a breeze to manage. Support is great, the one time I reached out to you I got a speedy response with the correct solution. I usually get a bounce around from other vendors until the last support person gives me the correct solution.Anthony Copeland (Florida State Board of Administration) I have to say that you and your company have the BEST customer support I have ever seen!Art Carrera (VHA) Thanks for the quick and virtually instant reply. As always Anixis support is awesome.Art Szczesiul (Bell Canada) Your product was easy to deploy to our workstations, works exactly as advertised, and is easy to administer. It was a welcome change from [competitor's product name removed].Austin Blackmon (South Carolina Student Loan) Your software is AWESOME. We have 1985 accounts in the domain, but there should be about 900. This is an expensive licensing problem and an administrative nightmare.Bill French (Princeton Theological Seminary) Very good documentation and easy install, no support issues and it's just melted into our environment without a second thought... The feature set covers 100% of our requirements without adding a bunch of functionality we'll never need, and it hits it at the right price. The designers of the software obviously knew exactly what problem they were trying to solve and hit the mark perfectly. We're very pleased with the product. I've recommended it since we purchased it to colleagues and will continue to do so.Bruce Mager (The Civil Service Superannuation Board) I'm very impressed with your software. We currently have over 5100 staff enrolled in APR and the new policy rolled out to district employees. Setup and installation was a breeze and the deployment went flawless (even with our large AD environment with over 20 domain controllers). We also deployed both the APR and PPE clients to all of our Windows 7 and Windows XP machines (over 15,000). Again the process was very smooth and in the end we got welcomed feedback from our end users.Caleb Keene (Omaha Public Schools) By the way, we love PPE here at Aflac. This product does what it says it does and is VERY stable. Thanks for making a GREAT product!!Chris Romeo (Aflac) Thanks for all this info and recommendations. Your after sales support is fantastic.Daniel Baird (Career Education Corporation) Have to say... your guys' support team's response time is unmatched!!Devin Calado (Northern Health) I'm always impress by the respond time especially at 4:15AM.Dominic Desbiens (Brookfield Power Services) We're very happy with the Anixis product. It was very easy to implement and we've only had to update it once. It's very reliable and works great. I haven't had to call Tech support yet.Doyle Spence (Hach Company) I am very happy with how fast I was contacted by you for support on this issue, how fast the issue was resolved, the level of support and detail in your correspondence, etc. ANIXIS support is one of the best support experiences I have ever had.Dustin Keeler (Merrion Oil & Gas) I'm 100% satisfied. You have a great product and awesome support. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future.Dwayne Willis (U.S. Agency for International Development) I've got to tell you, you are one of the easiest vendors I work with and your software is one of the best we use. Thank you so much for all of your assistance.Eric Hattan (FCB Banks) I wish I was getting this kind of support from other vendors I work with. Your company's support is a breath of fresh air.Firmin Charlot (Michigan State University) I would like to report that we have had complete success installing and using your product. It was very easy to set up, and very easy to distribute the client.Glen Singleton (Securaplane Technologies) Anixis customer support and product knowledge is best in class. With thousands of users in over 36 countries, Anixis's products have allowed us to gain control methodically without any hiccups. The tools allow us to empower our end users while reducing administrative burden. Well done and keep up the good work!Greg Ahira (CHC Helicopter Corporation) Thank you for getting back to us so fast!!! It makes it so much easier for me with great support!!Gregory Conklin (Madonna University) Out of all of the Vendors, I have worked with, you are the only one that always respond to any email within 5 minutes. I don't know how you do it. But it is great!Henry Tanjung (City of Falls Church) Thank you for creating a security software that is very easy to deploy, I wish all applications are as easy to setup as PPE. Thank you for your work and superb customer support.James Ibanez (City of Torrance) Thanks again for your quick response AND for having a resolution to our issues so quickly! To say I'm impressed is an understatement.James Uhrich (Northern Health) That's great. I think this is the quickest reply I've ever received from a vendor!Jason Kim (Surrey Schools) PPE is working great. The fact that I hear very little from my users is a very positive indication!Jim Struve (Terrus Real Estate Group) APR is working very well for us. The end-users are starting to understand this valuable resource they now have at their disposal. However, I don't think they will ever realize how valuable it is to me (less call from end-users is a good thing). Thanks for the great products.Jim Webber (Direct Federal Credit Union) Thanks for the fast reply, as always! Your support is the BEST I've ever had to deal with.John Ebuna (Oak Ridge Associated Universities) We are extremely satisfied. We had commented amongst ourselves that if every software package we purchased installed that easily and had such good documentation our lives would be blissful. The software has been in production for a few weeks and has been working wonderfully. The enrollment process went smoothly and the password complexity is being enforced.John Howison (City of Visalia) I want to pay ANIXIS a compliment. Your products are superb. We recently purchased APR and are evaluating PPE. Both products are easy to install, straight-forward to manage, stable, and work as advertised. Your documentation is excellent as well: clear, accurate, and complete. Kudos to you for providing such high quality products. Our firm will not hesitate to recommend them to our clients.Joshua Cole (Assura) This is one the most detailed, clear, and quick responses I've ever received from a vendor. Thanks!Kevin Fox (Equitable Life of Canada) I would like to commend your organization for being so approachable. That is quite refreshing. Typically, application providers forward canned support responses that barely remain on-target. I realize that your personalized approach has a higher support overhead for you. It does not go unappreciated by us. Your product [UAF] saved our company several man-hours of manually pruning or producing/maintaining an elaborate script. And it helped us save thousands of dollars during our Microsoft Licensing True-up event this year.Larry D. Crabtree (First Banks) We are happy with the product it does exactly what was promised, without any problems, very flexible configuration for almost any user.Marek Krzy┼╝aniak (Skanska) I just wanted to let you know that we've been using your products for many years now and we really appreciate the quality of work you put into it. Not only that, but you have always been great supporting it and answering our questions in detail and very quickly!Michael Lloyd (The Citizens Bank) I could not be happier with your product and your support has been great!Mike Cerveny (Cornell College) You've provided the absolute best product support experience of any product I've ever implemented and I really appreciate it!Mike McMillan (Catholic Charities) I just wanted to say thank you for the quick response time and excellent support with PPE 5.0.Nathan Williams (L-3 Communications) I'm pleased to say that we are very satisfied with your product. PPE compliments Microsoft very well and has enabled us to granularly roll out our Corporate Password Policy with ease. PPE helped reduce supporting costs and eliminate the administrative nightmare with a friendly GUI and numerous features and functions. I would like to thank you again for all of your help!Nicholas Fanelli (Empire Education Group) Thank you for all of your help. You've been a greater help than just about any company I've had to get support from.Patrick Shean (U.S. Air Force) Thanks again for the great product. It has been of immense help to our users.Phil Brundage (State of Oklahoma) Your product has worked as promised and we are having great results with it. I spent a lot of time initially testing and developing a deployment plan. During this time I had great support from you. I know we requested the trail license renewal several times to extend our test period and your cooperation was very helpful. We are currently only using the product to enforce strong password policies for our administrative groups and the feedback from users and managers is good. Deployment was simple, implementation was very straight forward, and the product has not produced any negative effects. We are on track to evaluate the usage for all domain users by Q4 of this year and possibly implement that plan in Q1 of 2009.Phil Cleveland (Intersil) Password Policy Enforcer is working great. It was easy to setup, and enforces all of the password requirements we have. Thank you for creating a great product.Phillip Miller (Cleco Power) Thanks for the great information! It is such a nice change to work with companies such as yours that are dedicated to assisting the customer.Quitman Gahagan (Textron) Thanks for this great product. This area of password compliance/checking/prompting has been a thorn in my side for 20 years (since NT 3.1). For the level of sophistication and integration you have achieved, this has been the most amazingly simple installation/configuration/deployment that I have done in years. Elegant and beautifully implemented too.Raymond Robertson (Los Angeles) That was the fastest response I have ever had from any company. Thank you!Shane Bricker (U.S. Air Force) I want to pass on my amazement and appreciation for you being available to help me right now. I looked for a phone number and when I realized that home base is Australia and it is 2AM there right now, I did not have any hope of getting an answer today.Shawn Wilson (Bennington State Bank) Thank you so much for this. It's so great to have a third party vendor that you can rely on.Steve Schneider (First Rate) We are old customers of this product from years ago and just recently renewed it. The product "exceeds our expectations" in its ease of installation, use and reliability.Terry Sanders (Pro2Serve) The support you provide, round the clock, is fantastic, I wish all our software support was like this.Tim Graves (Polymer Laboratories) As a whole I find the Password Policy Enforcer an excellent product. The options are well thought out and allow an administrator to easily customize the password structure to meet the needs of the business. Of great benefit is the client which reminds users of the rules in place when setting up a new password. Thank you for developing such a great product that is also competitively priced for a small business!Tim Verrill (Evergreen MGA) You have always responded to my questions very rapidly and effectively. Thanks to you and all your team at Anixis for creating a great product and providing excellent support. In my experience, it's usually one or the other, seldom both, sometimes neither ;-)Timothy Popoff (A&W Food Services of Canada) Your informative response and honesty is a breath of fresh air in a world where questionable tech support is rampant - your response was very helpful and you likely saved me/us hours of labor and frustration. I really appreciate the time you took to provide such a thorough response.Tom Guenther (Guaranty Bank) Support from you is always awesome, though the product is so solid we hardly ever need it :)Val Kania (Union College) PPE is one of the most important software buys we have ever made. Those who don't use it will never know the weight that came off the Security Manager's shoulders after we installed and found just how well it works.Vern Smith (U.S. Navy) Can I just finally thank you for your patient help with our upgrade... Your level of customer service is rare these days.Deane Gates (Large IT Contractor) Thanks again for your stellar help and a solid product as this is very helpful to both our security and compliance posture.Kevin (Electric Company) We are extremely happy with Anixis, mostly because we have forgotten all about it. We installed it and configured it. Now it just works. I don't even give it a second thought. I wish all the software we used worked that way.CTO (Large Financial Services Firm) As usual, perfect response that worked and in a surprisingly quick time frame. I will be contacting all our vendors to ask why their support is not as good as yours. Top marks and thanks.Infrastructure Engineer (UK Police) I can't thank you enough for all your efforts in helping to resolve this issue. It is greatly appreciated! Have a great day!Network Admin (Marketing & Incentive Company) I just realized that I often pop-up out of nowhere with questions and you've always responded quickly with a solution. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your excellent support!Security Analyst (Fortune 500 Company) Everyone here is impressed with this solution the scripting and coding behind PPE is very impressive. It is truly amazing how it does so much yet simple to use.Security Analyst (Home Building Company) I really appreciate having the ability to control the complexity requirements and apply them easily to user groups. The users appreciate having the conditions on their screen when they need to change their passwords. Using your software was one of my better decisions in 2005.Sr. Network Engineer (Investment Management Firm) Can I just say I've been VERY impressed with the support team at Anixis on the few occasions we have contacted you. Very prompt responses and you all certainly know what you are talking about. Great work!Systems Administrator (UK Government)