ANIXIS Password Reset

ANIXIS Password Reset features

Always accessible

Passwords can be reset from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Users can also reset passwords from the Windows Logon and Unlock screens with the Password Reset Client.

Intuitive and customizable user interface

Users that have forgotten their password are already frustrated and annoyed. ANIXIS Password Reset's intuitive interface helps users to quickly reset their password. The user interface can be customized by editing the HTML templates.

Easy to set up and maintain

It's easy to see how self-service password reset can save time and money, but some systems are difficult to install and maintain. ANIXIS Password Reset is easy to set up, you can have a working system in less than five minutes. After that, just make regular backups and check the audit and event logs.

Secure by design

ANIXIS Password Reset has two server components, the Web Interface (which accepts user requests) and the APR Server (which actions user requests). A limited one-way trust between these components protects your network because the APR Server does not trust the Web Interface. The APR Server only responds to a few commands, and confidential information only travels in one direction from the Web Interface to the APR Server. A standard user account with delegated permissions can be used for the APR Server service.

Secure authentication

ANIXIS Password Reset has various lockouts and timeouts to protect against guessing attacks. APR can also send verification codes to users by e-mail or SMS for two-factor authentication. E-mail alerts allow users and the help desk to detect unauthorized usage.

Help desk operators can also use APR to identify callers by asking them to answer their enrollment questions, and optionally by sending a verification code to their phone.

Password Policy Enforcer integration

ANIXIS Password Reset can integrate with Password Policy Enforcer to ensure consistent enforcement of your password policy. APR displays the customizable PPE messages to help users choose compliant passwords. APR can also enforce the Active Directory password policy if you are not using PPE.

Comprehensive auditing

Audit events are written to a database. You can use the Data Console to quickly filter and export relevant events in Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML, and Text formats. You can also create your own reports and alerts with SQL or third-party reporting tools.