Password Policy Enforcer / Web

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PPE/Web different from ANIXIS Password Reset?

Users can change their password with PPE/Web, but with ANIXIS Password Reset they can also reset their password and unlock their account. ANIXIS Password Reset can also work in a DMZ without any domain controllers, whereas PPE/Web must communicate directly with the domain controllers. Use ANIXIS Password Reset if you need to:

  • Allow users to reset a forgotten password or unlock their account by answering questions about themselves such as their date of birth, first pet's name, etc. Users can access APR from a web browser, or from the Windows logon screen if the Password Reset Client is installed.
  • Send verification codes to users by e-mail or SMS for two-factor authentication during resets and unlocks.
  • Send e-mail alerts to users whenever their account is used in the password management system.
  • Keep a detailed, searchable audit log of all user activity.
  • Separate the web server from the internal network for extra security.

Does PPE/Web allow users to reset forgotten passwords?

No. You will need ANIXIS Password Reset to reset passwords.

Does PPE/Web work without PPE?

Yes. PPE/Web uses the inbuilt Windows password rules if you do not have Password Policy Enforcer. If you do have Password Policy Enforcer, then PPE/Web displays the PPE policy and rejection messages to help users choose a compliant password.

Does a PPE/Web license include the PPE license?

No. Password Policy Enforcer is purchased separately.

Which operating systems is PPE/Web supported on?

PPE/Web 7.0 is supported on Windows Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2, and 2003.

Does PPE/Web store passwords or password hashes?

No. Passwords are only kept in memory temporarily until they are updated in Active Directory.