Password Policy Enforcer / Web

PPE/Web features

Intuitive user interface

PPE/Web's intuitive user interface allows users to change their password without any training. You can even add your own instructions to help users choose a suitable password.


PPE/Web's user interface is built with HTML templates. These templates contain all user interface elements, including error messages. You can easily customize the user interface and incorporate PPE/Web into your existing web site.

Easy to install and configure

The PPE/Web Setup Wizard will have your password change web site running in under a minute. All you need to do is install an SSL certificate on the web server.

Fast and lightweight

PPE/Web uses only the Windows API, so you do not need to install ASP, .NET, Java, etc. This reduces the attack surface on the web server and allows PPE/Web to coexist with any existing applications on the same server.

Password Policy Enforcer integration

PPE/Web can integrate with Password Policy Enforcer to enforce complex password policies and help users choose a compliant password.

Works with Windows password policy rules

You can use PPE/Web with the Windows password policy rules if you do not have a Password Policy Enforcer license.